Treatment of Electrical and Electronic Component Manufacturing Wastes

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Handbook of Environmental Engineering: Integrated Natural Resources Management


The electrical and electronic components industry is generally classified as standard industrial classification (SIC) with the code 36. The SIC is a Statistical Classification Standard used for all US-based establishments of Federal Economic Statistics which is under the Department of Commerce. Pollution prevention techniques and processes applicable to the electrical and electronic industry can be, broadly, divided into process or equipment modification, raw materials substitution or elimination, waste segregation (separation or preparation), and, finally, recycling. This chapter discusses industrial description and production processes, waste generation and pollution prevention, water use in the industry, wastewater treatment processes, treatment technology, and cost. Furthermore, US regulations such as best applicable technology (BAT), best conventional pollution control technology (BCT), best practicable control treatment (BPT), point source discharge limitation, performance standards for new source (PSNS), and pretreatment standards for existing sources (PSES) for subcategories in electrical and electronic components manufacturing industry are also presented. A case study of Texas Instruments is also included.