Laboratory and Field Testing of Concrete Bond Development for Expedited Bonded Concrete Overlays

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ACI Materials Journal


In preparation for construction of a 0.8 km bonded concrete overlay (BCO) on IH-10 in downtown El Paso, Texas, the Center for Transportation Research at The University of Texas at Austin car-ried out an extensive laboratory and field testing program for the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). The purpose of the testing program was to develop an appropriate high-early-strength concrete mixture proportioning for BCO construction, investigate its strength gain and bond development characteristics, and develop appropriate construction specification recommendations for TxDOT. The heavy traffic on IH-10 made it imperative to develop materials and methods that would allow rapid opening to traffic. Part of the laboratory testing program is documented herein. Among laboratory test methods investigated, the guillotine test was found to be useful for determining bond strength, with some difficulties in aligning the bond plane in the testing device. Due to the difficulty of extracting field samples for guillotine testing, however, the pulloff test method was used instead. The high-early-strength concrete tested was shown to be suitable for bonded concrete overlay construction.