Active Disturbance Rejection Control for Web Tension Regulation

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Conference Proceeding

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Proceedings of the 40th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control


A new control method is proposed for tension regulation in a web transport system. It is based on a unique active disturbance rejection control (ADRC) strategy, which actively compensates for dynamic changes in the system and unpredictable external disturbances. A simulation of an industrial application is used to provide realism. The results show the effectiveness of the proposed tension controller in coping with large dynamic variations commonly seen in web tension applications. The remarkable disturbance rejection capability of an ADRC is also demonstrated.

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Hou, Y., Gao, Z., Jiang, F., & Boulter, B.T. (2001). Active disturbance rejection control for web tension regulation. Proceedings of the 40th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 2001, 5, 4974-4979, doi: 10.1109/.2001.980997