Fuzzy Logic Control for an Autonomous Robot

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Conference Proceeding

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Fuzzy Information Processing Society, 2005. NAFIPS 2005. Annual Meeting of the North American


In this paper an autonomous wall-following robot is presented. The inputs are obtained from ultrasonic sensors mounted. These inputs are sent to a Microchip PIC16F877 microcontroller onboard the robot, which analyses the data and provides the necessary control signal. A fuzzy logic controller is used to control the robot’s motion along the predefined path. The robot was first modeled in Matlab Simulink and the fuzzy logic rules were optimized for the best results possible. Later the microcontroller was programmed in C language using a PCW C-compiler and tested. Experimental results are presented to show the performance of the controller.

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V. Peri and D. Simon. (2005). Fuzzy Logic Control for an Autonomous Mobile Robot. North American Fuzzy Information Processing Society Conference, 337-342.