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Medical Cyber-Physical Systems Workshop


We discuss open-loop control development and simulation results for a newly-developed cyber-physical system (CPS) used as a semi-active, above-knee prosthesis. The control signal of our CPS consists of two hydraulic valve settings that control a linear cylinder actuator and provide torque to the prosthetic knee. We develop open-loop control using biogeography-based optimization (BBO), which is a recently developed evolutionary algorithm. The research contributes to the field of cyber-physical systems by showing that it is possible to find effective open-loop control signals for our newly proposed semi-active hydraulic knee prosthesis through a dual-system optimization process which includes both human and robot control search parameters.


This work was supported by the Cleveland State University Provost's Office and by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 0826124. The Cleveland Clinic acknowledges the contribution of the State of Ohio, Department of Development and Third Frontier Commission, which provided funding in support of the project Rapid Rehabilitation and Return to Function for Amputee Soldiers.

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T. Wilmot, G. Thomas, B. Montavon, R. Rarick, A. van den Bogert, S. Szatmary, D. Simon, W. Smith, and S. Samorezov, Biogeography-Based Optimization for Hydraulic Prosthetic Knee Control, Medical Cyber-Physical Systems Workshop, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, pp. 18-25, April 2013.


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