ConSec: An Encryption Policy for Context Aware Security Applications

Asadul Haque, Cleveland State University
Shantanu Kode
Abdul Razaque, Cleveland State University
Muder Almiani, Al-Hussein bin Talal University


Prior to the creation of the internet, data security was the focal point when one wanted to keep electronic data secure from unauthorized agents for whom wanted to view, create, alter, and/or destroy various parts of an electronic file. Mobile security is still at the forefront of cyber warfare however, data security is progressively gaining ground and can arguably be the front runner. Since almost every device is connected to a network nowadays data security awareness has been on a drastic rise. And this has caused both the customers and manufacturers a severe concern. Research has and is currently being conducted to determine new ways to detect if malicious actions are taking place, how to discontinue said actions, and ways to prevent future malicious actions from occurring. Though manufacturers are implementing industry standard security measures, customers are not comfortable using them as they are not user friendly. So it is necessary to implement a security protocol that is well-secure, smart and can act according to the customers' needs. The main goal of this paper is not to find a new encryption protocol rather to implement an existing security protocol in an efficient way, so that customers can easily use it. In this paper we are introducing a context aware system, "ConSec", which encrypts and decrypts the memory according the users' usage.