Switched Robust Tracking/Impedance Control for an ActiveTransfemoral Prosthesis

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2016 American Control Conference (ACC)


A novel control method for an active transfemoral prosthesis is developed based on the combination of two previously published controllers, robust tracking/impedance control and switched impedance control. This controller is simulated and optimized to provide desired gait features and energy regeneration. Specifically, an evolutionary optimization algorithm termed biogeography-based optimization is used. Across all optimization trials a tracking error on the order of 10 (-)2 rad rms or less results for both the knee and ankle joints. This is accompanied by ground reaction forces approximating able-bodied gait data and an energy regeneration capacity of about 9.6 J per stride.


This work was supported by National Science Foundation grant 1344954.

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H. Warner, D. Simon, H. Mohammadi and H. Richter, "Switched robust tracking/impedance control for an active transfemoral prosthesis," in 2016 American Control Conference (ACC), 2016, pp. 2187-2192.