Load Frequency Control for Multiple-Area Power Systems

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Conference Paper

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Proceedings of the American Control Conference


This paper presents the development and application of an Active Disturbance Rejection Controller (ADRC) to regulate the frequency error for a three-area interconnected power system. As the interconnected power system transmits the power from one area to another, the system frequency will inevitably deviate from a scheduled frequency, resulting in a frequency error. A control system is essential to correct the deviation in the presences of external disturbances and structural uncertainties to ensure a safe and smooth operation of the power system. ADRC can extract the information of the disturbance from input and output data of the system and actively compensate for the disturbance in real time. In addition, it has the advantages of simple structure, few tuning parameters, and robustness against parameter uncertainties over the traditional PID controllers used in current power industry. The effectives of the controller are validated by both simulation results and a frequency-domain analysis of the control system. © 2009 AACC.