A Novel Oscillation Controller for Vibrational MEMS Gyroscopes

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Conference Paper

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Proceedings of the American Control Conference


This paper introduces a novel oscillation controller for the drive axis of a MEMS gyroscope. Assuming the resonant frequencies of the drive and sense axes are matched and no external control input for sense axis, we employ the controller to drive the drive axis to resonance, to regulate the output amplitude of drive axis to a desired value, and to compensate for the mechanical-thermal noise and Quadrature error term. The controller is simply a combination of a traditional PD controller and a linear Extended State Observer (ESO). Since the controller design does not require exact information of system parameters, it is very robust against structural uncertainties of the drive axis. We simulate the controller on a vibrational piezoelectric beam gyroscope. The effectiveness of the controller is verified by the simulation results and performance analysis. © 2007 IEEE.