A Secured Protocol for IoT Devices in Tactical Networks

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Conference Paper

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IEEE Military Communications Conference (MILCOM)


Nowadays, Internet-of-Things (IoT) have shown great potential to improve the performance of different applications. However, the advances of IoT also make the security issue become one of the biggest challenges for these applications. Researchers in the past have shown that Symmetric key cryptography is generally considered infeasible and public key cryptography, at times, fails to provide sufficient security and integrity to data. In contrast to this prejudice, our paper presents a novel approach that establishes security to data through encryption techniques like RSA. Moreover, it identifies the shortest path to route messages from the source to the destination and ensures that packets are delivered safely even when intermediate nodes are attacked by identifying Alternate paths between the source and the destination. We implement and evaluate our design by using J2ME, and the evaluation results show the effectiveness of our design.


This project was supported by NSF grants CNS-1652669, CNS-2127908, and CNS-2127881.