Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling for Refining Component Design: AEM: Advanced Equipment and Material Processes

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Conference Proceeding

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29th Annual SEMI Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference (ASMC)


The importance of Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) modelling will be demonstrated for refining component design. Improving the flow dynamics within components can reduce the pressure required to establish flow, eliminate eddy flows, eliminate zero flow locations and establish uniform laminar flow or turbulent flow. Reducing the system back pressure allows for smaller pumps and less energy to establish and maintain flow (GF). Eliminating eddy flows and zero flow locations will improve process control (APC), reduce particulates generation (CFM), reduce degradation of components (ER) and improve equipment reliability (ER). The elimination of eddy flows can reduce erosion of components such as 0-rings. The exclusion of zero flow locations within a chemical heater will eliminate overheating and reduce degradation of chemistry. Improving the thermodynamics within components can reduce degradation of chemistry (CFM) and improve the uniformity of thermal characteristic within a component (APC) resulting in decreased thermal variations of the chemistry (YE).