ISB Recommendations on the Reporting of Intersegmental Forces and Moments During Human Motion Analysis

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Journal of Biomechanics


The International Society of Biomechanics (ISB) has charged this committee with development of a standard similar in scope to the kinematic standard proposed in Wu et al. (2002) and Wu et al. (2005). Given the variety of purposes for which intersegmental forces and moments are used in biomechanical research, it is not possible to recommend a particular set of analysis standards that will be acceptable in all applications. Instead, it is the purpose of this paper to recommend a set of reporting standards that will result in an understanding of the differences between investigations and the ability to reproduce the research. The end products of this standard are (1) a critical checklist that can be used during submission of manuscripts and abstracts to insure adequate description of methods, and (2) a web based visualization tool that can be used to alter the coordinate system, normalization technique and internal/external perspective of intersegmental forces and moments during walking and running so that the shape and magnitude of the curves can be compared to one's own data.