Static and Dynamic Analysis of Bearings for Truck Brake Compressor

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Mobility method is used to analyze the steady-state performance of crankshaft and connecting rod bearings which are subjected to loads whose magnitude and direction both vary in time. The steady-state characteristics include journal center orbit, minimum film thickness, maximum film pressure, effective temperature, flow through the bearing, etc. To extract the stiffness and damping coefficients over the load cycle, linear analysis method based on a short-bearing approximation is employed. In addition, the oil flow through the main and connecting rod bearings is investigated. Sufficient lubrication conditions for these bearings are discussed. This combined analysis is supported by numerical simulations.


Paper presented at International Truck & Bus Meeting & Exposition, November 16, 1998, Indianapolis, Indiana, United States.

Also published in 1998 SAE Transactions, Vol. 107, Journal of Commercial Vehicles, p. 661-668.