Han Zhang

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Engineering


Washkewicz College of Engineering

First Advisor

Gao, Zhiqiang

Subject Headings

Electrical Engineering, Systems Design


The key problem in control system design was the selection and processing of information. The first part was to collect some system dynamics offline or online in a cost-effective manner and use them in the controller design effectively. Next was to minimize the phase lag in the feedback loop to ensure best performance and stability. A systematic information-driven design strategy was discussed. A few key problems in permanent magnet synchronous motor control were taken in a case study: the current loop and decoupling, velocity loop with position feedback and position estimation at low speed. An active disturbance rejection based integrated current loop control solution was presented. Some implementation problems were also discussed: restructuring of active disturbance rejection control for implementation, scaling of extended state observer in fixed-point implementation and observer-based parameter estimation. The proposed methods were tested in simulation and hardware experiments.