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Master of Arts in English



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Larder, Ted

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In an irradiated, alternate earth, where a mysterious supernatural phenomenon caused a near-apocalypse, the human race is back on it’s feet. Four major cities dominate the landscape: New Sparta, The Mel, The Nocturn and Oz. In the first installment of “The Sting” series, explore the emerald, Greene Mob run metropolis, Oz. Gun-slinging, Ex-mercenary Kyra `The Sting’ Lee is living quietly in the outer part of the city with her dog, Doogie. The only family she has are the Castellanoses, a Greek four-part ensemble that own Kyra’s favorite greasy spoon diner. Maria Castellanos is Kyra’s best friend and her seemingly unobtainable love interest. On what should have been a relaxing night on the town, Kyra and Maria are attacked by a group of miscreant Greenes. Kyra takes them out without batting an eye, as well as cleaning out their whole sect. She begins reminiscing on her brief time in the Greene while she waits for the gang’s boss to come by so she can finish the entire outfit and send a message to the Greene’s head woman, Maven. But instead of the boss, Maven herself comes to confront Kyra about their past and future together. After their meeting, Kyra starts getting attacked as if someone has a bounty on her head. Suspicious of the timing and circumstances, she suspects old Greene enemies, perhaps even Maven, as the cause of the attacks. The more time she tries to piece things together, the more dangerous it gets for her and Maria to stay in Oz. She has to figure out who’s got the hit on her and why, not to mention how she’ll make it out alive.