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Doctor of Business Administration


Monte Ahuja College of Business

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Javalgi, Rajshekhar

Subject Headings

Entrepreneurship, Marketing


Over the past two decades, the growth of international new ventures has stimulated a great deal of interest among international entrepreneurship scholars to understand how these entrepreneurial start-ups internationalize given their resource deficiencies. However, the literature exhibits considerable gaps related to how international new ventures, can overcome their asset-constrained positions to enhance performance. Employing the concept of international entrepreneurship culture, which provides a holistic operationalization of international entrepreneurship, this dissertation develops and tests a conceptual framework to better understand how international new ventures' entrepreneurial culture and entrepreneurial marketing actions of opportunity-based discovery and –exploitation impact their performance in global markets. The methodology and tests incorporated into this research provide a foundation upon which to better understand international entrepreneurial culture and entrepreneurial marketing as key inputs for positioning and performance of international new ventures. Additionally, this dissertation focuses on international new ventures from emerging markets, specifically India, where the emphasis on understanding the mechanisms that have driven more than a quarter of the world’s firms to go international early in their existence. Therefore, this study contributes to the calls for more early internationalization research from emerging market firms.

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