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Master of Science in Chemical Engineering


Chemical and Biomedical Engineering

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Guo, Baochuan

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Brain cancer, particularly astrocytomas, is one of the ten most common related deaths related to cancer. Temozolomide (TMZ), an oral alkylating chemotherapy drug, is used to treat anaplastic astrocytoma and glioblastoma multiforme. A few advantages of TMZ are its ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, its small size, and it is rapidly absorbed in the small intestine. Since this drug is advantageous to brain cancer patients, it is important to study the extraction of this drug. In addition, it is important to study administering this drug via microdialysis as the efficiency of the drug could increase. In mice brain tumor tissue and lamb brain tissue, LC-MS was used to quantitate TMZ. TMZ has been recovered from brain tissue using a strong cell lysis protease (proteinase K) and protein precipitation using alcohol dehydration in order to increase percent recovery of TMZ and decrease matrix effects. Most research articles have studied the plasma or urine of mice to quantitate TMZ. However, only a handful of studies focused on brain tumor tissue. Comparing with another research article that studied the recovery of TMZ from mice brain tissue, this method achieved higher percent recoveries of the chemotherapy drug, and lowered the matrix effects.