Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Applied Communication Theory and Methodology


Criminology, Anthropology, and Sociology

First Advisor

Neuendorf, Kimberly

Subject Headings



With the rise of technology it becomes important to measure and analyze the communication patterns that are emerging from these changes. Technologies open up different communication patterns for individuals to use (Tomas & Carlson 2015; Walther, 1996; Wei & Leung, 1999). Thus, this study develops the “ASOHIO” perspective, which incorporates a range of new and old communication patterns, online communication, offline communication, synchronous communication, asynchronous communication, interpersonal communication, and hyperpersonal communication. This work also looks to extend the hyperpersonal model greatly by developing an actual multi-item scale to measure the construct at the individual level. Walther’s (1996) basic description of hyperpersonal communication breaks down that there are a lack of non-verbal cues, a sense of strategic communication, and computer-mediated communication. This study takes things a step further, with a breakdown of the components of hyperpersonal taking into account current technologies, as well as using Goffman’s “presentation of everyday self“ and “interaction ritual” to help define what hyperpersonal could really mean in the current hybrid communication environment.