Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Computer and Information Science


Washkewicz College of Engineering

First Advisor

Zhao, Wenbing

Subject Headings

Computer Science, Health Care, Health Education


Software is useful when it is able to provide useful information to the end user with minimum effort. This thesis is about usability improvements to a privacy-aware human motion tracking system for healthcare professionals. The original system has a number of usability issues: (1) Users need to wear a smartwatch, which will be used to connect to the system; (2) Data are stored in XML, comma-separated-value format which is very difficult to analyze; (3) Data are available only at the local computer and there is no easy way to access them remotely via a Web or mobile interface; (4) Analysis and comparison of different user’s performance is very difficult. In this thesis, we mainly concentrated on solving the above-mentioned usability problems. We introduced a new way of authenticating users for motion tracking using Bluetooth beacons, thereby eliminating the requirement of wearing a smartwatch. We built a Web application which will accept data from Kinect and stores data in the database. This Web application will present the logged data to users via a variety of charts and it can be accessed from anywhere by using a web browser. Along with this, to provide easy access to data, we also provide a mobile application to present users with data analysis and comparison features. Both the Web and the mobile applications are designed to make sure that user privacy is maintained, and proper access controls are imposed on who can see what data.