Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering degree


Chemical and Biomedical Engineering

First Advisor

Kothapalli, Chandrasekhar


I would like to thank Dr. Chandra Kothapalli for the opportunity to participate in this research project and the continuous guidance he has given me in all aspects of the lab work. I would like to acknowledge the entire Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Department for their assistance throughout the program, for partially supporting my tuition and stipend through teaching assistantships, and the opportunities to present and discuss my research project with other interested students and faculty. I would like to acknowledge Dr. Petru Fodor and Dr. Geyou Ao for their support as members of my defense committee. Additionally, I would like to thank Dr. Fodor and Mr. Miroslav for the countless hours of SEM training and imaging. Besides, the devices used in this project were developed in collaboration with Dr. Petru Fodor. I would like to thank Dr. Kiril Streletzky and Samantha Tietjen for their assistance on the DLS analysis, as well as Ana Dilillo and Fjorela Xhyliu for assistance on the NS3 NanoSpectralyzer equipment. I would like to acknowledge the access to equipment in Dr. Ao’s lab. Finally, I would like to recognize my numerous lab colleagues in Dr. Kothapalli’s lab at Cleveland State University. I would like to thank Gautam Mahajan for guiding me through some protocols and providing me with assistance when needed. I would also like to thank my predecessors in the lab, Brian Hama for his design of the microfluidic mixer used in this project, and Marissa Sarsfield for her explanation and recommendations toward the procedure and time management of the project. Finally, I would like to acknowledge the present and past group members: Rushik Bandodkar, Tahir Butt, Ben Bosela, and Quinton Wright.