Date of Award

Spring 1-1-2021

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Mechanical Engineering Degree



First Advisor

Rashidi, Majid

Second Advisor

Dr. Asuquo Ebiana

Third Advisor

Professor Michael Gallagher


Throughout this thesis, evidence is shown that suggests the existence of subharmonic frequencies in the Classical Spanish Acoustic Guitar and Fender Squier Electric Guitar spectra. The classic subharmonic undertone series mimics that of the harmonic overtone series, except that the fundamental frequency is divided by integer values instead of multiplied by integer values. Subharmonics that do not fit the classic subharmonic undertone series criteria are still classified as subharmonics, although subharmonics that do fit the criteria are emphasized. Throughout this manuscript, the author’s original experimental procedures and results are presented. Individual tones were recorded on both guitars on every string from frets zero to twelve and were analyzed for subharmonics via Audacity software. The fundamental and subharmonic frequencies were recorded on Excel and the fundamental frequencies were divided by the subharmonic frequencies, thus yielding ratios. These ratios were used in two different charts that were color-coded based on value and if the ratios were within ten percent of an integer value. These charts suggest the frequent presence of the first and second subharmonics in both guitars, which is especially observed in the higher strings (G, B and high E strings).