Date of Award

Summer 1-1-2020

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts In Psychology



First Advisor

Poreh, Amir

Second Advisor

Dr. Elizabeth Goncy

Third Advisor

Dr. Ilya Yaroslavsky


Previously, Iancu and Poreh (2005) constructed a measure for the assessment of Positive and Negative Symptoms Questionnaire (PNS-Q). This self-report measure was designed to clarify the insight of schizophrenic patients as well as be used to examine changes in their presenting symptoms across time. This measure was used in a variety of studies with mixed results. The current study aimed to update the PNS-Q questions, improve the content validity, and provide preliminarily psychometric properties of the revised scale. Additionally, the study examined the construct validity of the revised scale by correlating with the McEvoy’s Vignettes (McEvoy, 1993), a measure of insight and acute psychopathology. The study shows that there was a linear relationship between subscales Bizarre disorganization, Alogia, Avolition, and the McEvoy scale. The study also provides partial support for the construct validity of the new measures with a high internal consistency of the overall measure at .928. Additionally, there was partial support in obtaining distinct positive and negative components within the scale. In sum, this study provides some preliminary evidence regarding the reliability and validity of the revised. However, due to the small sample size, lack of diversity, and lack of participates with the diagnosis of schizophrenia additional research is needed.