Date of Award

Winter 1-1-2020

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science In Electrical Engineering Degree


Electrical And Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Stankovic, Ana V.

Second Advisor

Dr. Lili Dong

Third Advisor

Dr. Chansu Yu


This thesis provides a summary on renewable energy sources integration into the grid, using an inverter, along with a comprehensive literature research on variety of available control methods. A new generalized method for grid side inverter control under unbalanced operating conditions is also proposed. The presented control method provides complete harmonic elimination in line currents and DC link voltage with adjustable power factor. The method is general, and can be used for all levels of imbalance in grid voltages and line impedances. The control algorithm proposed in this work has been implemented by using MATLAB Simulink and dSPACE RT1104 control system. Simulation and experimental results presented in this thesis are in excellent agreement.