Factors Influencing The Ethical Decisions Of Small Business Owners And Managers In Emerging Markets:The Case Of India

La Toya M. Russel, Cleveland State University


For decades, research has shown the importance of ethics in the business environment. With the increased internationalization of corporations, the need for a focus on international business ethics has also increased. To date, research has predominantly focused on business ethics in large firms and the factors that affect the ethical decision-making processes of the managers and executives in these firms. What appears to be limited in literature is ethics and ethical decision-making as it relates to small businesses. With the economic importance of small businesses, this area of research needs to be explored especially from a cross-cultural basis. This dissertation helps to fill that gap. Building on existing research, this study seeks to explore the factors that contribute to and influence the ethical decisions of small business owners and managers in an emerging market, specifically India. The methodology and tests used in this study will provide a foundation to better understand how these ethical factors affect the ethical decisions of small business owners and managers in emerging markets.