Date of Award

Spring 4-29-2022

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Communication Sciences and Disorders


Health Sciences

First Advisor

Cox, Violet

Second Advisor

Su, Ann

Third Advisor

Jennings, Emily

Subject Headings

Speech therapy


Anomia is a relevant language deficit secondary to aphasia that is treated in the speech-language pathologist profession. Most aphasia diagnoses utilize aspects of confrontational naming tasks during speech therapy or testing. This study investigated the nature of word errors and the response time (RT) in persons with aphasia (PWA). Six individuals, three with nonfluent and three with fluent aphasia were asked to name objects in four common categories (occupational tools, everyday objects, food, and clothing) presented under two conditions (1) picture objects on a computer screen and (2) real physical objects. To measure RT and word error, participants were instructed to name the objects as soon as it was presented. Data were collected by recording the exact responses of the individuals, as well as the time (seconds) it took for them to respond. The RT was analyzed using SPSS statistics and Python3 statistical software. An independent t-test analyzing RT revealed a statistical significance (t (198) =-4.37, p=