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Education and Human Services

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Rogers, Elice

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Education -- Tanzania, Teachers -- Training of -- Tanzania, Teachers -- Training of -- Tanzania -- Evaluation, Learning and leadership development


This study investigates Learning and Leadership Development (LLD) activities of Universal Primary Education (UPE) teachers in Tanzania. The primary research was centered on how the UPE teacher recruitment and training program within the Kilimanjaro region has impacted the rest of the educational system in Tanzania by looking at how the professional development that UPE teachers receive impacts their transformation and identity as professionals. The study utilizes a qualitative method of inquiry with critical interpretation. The first step in utilizing the chosen method was to review the literature and design the focus group, as well as the survey. The focus group discussions laid a foundation for the survey, which was distributed to the field in the Kilimanjaro area. The researcher found teachers who were dissatisfied with the UPE system of education, who were ready to improve their own schools' training and peer coaching, who could not find ways and the means to attain their goal, who desired annual summer courses to improve their education skills, and who desired to take part in annual teachers' conferences and who could not get the opportunity due to lack of finances and governmental cooperation. Tanzania's quality of education cannot be improved unless the adult learning and leadership development activities for teachers are reviewed and put into practice. Also, x formal teacher training should be evaluated and rearranged to meet the anticipated and current needs reflective of twenty-first century educational demands

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