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Monte Ahuja College of Business

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Javalgi, Rajshekhar

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International business enterprises, Business enterprises -- India, Entrepreneurship, Services, Entrepreneurship, Internationalization, Human capital, Innovation, Performance, Emerging market, Professional services


This dissertation examines the factors contributing to the internationalization and performance of professional service small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in emerging markets. Specifically, this research documents the relationships among a professional service SME's entrepreneurial orientation, human capital, the degree of internationalization, service innovation, and financial performance. Entrepreneurship literature has recently been extended to the international environment, confirming a positive influence on firm internationalization. Research which examines human capital is limited, yet has potential to contribute to service research. Separately, innovation has been examined from several research disciplines, yet has not been integrated in a model with an entrepreneurial orientation, firm internationalization, and human capital. This dissertation research integrates literature from multiple disciplines to create and test an integrative framework of professional service SME internationalization and performance. The largest contribution of this research is to the fields of entrepreneurship and international business, resulting from confirmation of the positive effect of an entrepreneurial orientation on SME internationalization. However, it is also the researcher's intent to recognize the unique contribution of human capital to the profitable internationalization and performance of knowledge-intensive professional services firms. A multidisciplinary integrative service performance framework that extends international business, entrepreneurship, marketing, management, and strategy literature is supported by a sample of international professional service SMEs in India. Research conclusions and managerial implications are also provided

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