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Education and Human Services

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Mawdsley, Ralph

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Educational technology -- Ohio, Education, Urban -- Ohio, Educational technology, Technology implementation, Technology evaluation, Urban educational technology, Educational technology policy, Educational technology standards, Joint committee on standards for educational evaluation, National center for education


This study investigated relationships of 42 faculty and administrators' perceptions in the evaluation of educational technology in an Ohio K-12 urban school district using demographics and two national evaluation standards. The standards used were the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) and Joint Committee Standards for Educational Evaluation (JCSEE). This study presented analysis of quantitative survey data to establish standards awareness and determine significant relationships between perceptions, demographic characteristics and standards in evaluating educational technology. The findings suggest higher levels of awareness and significant relationships for NCES standards over JCSEE standards. Statistically significant, relatively low relationships exist between perceptions of educational technology and demographics analyzed along NCES and JCSEE standards. Interesting statistically significant results were seen between individual responses on survey items for NCES and JCSEE standards towards implementation or evaluation of educational technology. Analysis of research questions are followed by links to existing research and implications for practice including use of more accurate definitions and better measurement of standards, and strengthening practitioners' perceptions of educational technology policy and evaluation using multiple demographics

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