Date of Award


Degree Type



Health Sciences

First Advisor

Cox, Violet Octavia

Subject Headings

Voice, Aging -- Physiology, Speech -- Measurement, voice, aging, speaking fundamental frequency, maximum phonation time, vital capacity


The purpose of this study was to extend understanding of the effects of aging on the male voice by obtaining and analyzing both acoustic and respiratory measures across the aging continuum. Aerodynamic measurements such as vital capacity (VC), maximum phonation time (MPT) and the acoustic measurement Speaking Fundamental Frequency (SFF) are used commonly in Speech-language Pathology to aid in the assessment and treatment outcomes of vocal dysfunction. However, current research lacks analysis of the interaction across these parameters within males and younger ages. This information may be important in understanding the normal changes in the speech mechanism with age and provide important direction for voice assessment and therapy outcomes. This study examined the changes of these parameters and interactions in males across various age groups. Acoustic measures of SFF, MPT, and VC were obtained in age groups of 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, and 60-69, N=35. A statistically significant decrease in SFF with age was observed. No statistically significant interaction was observed between MPT and VC. Additionally, no statistically significant interaction was observed between MPT and age, or between VC and age