Date of Award


Degree Type



Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Dong, Lili

Subject Headings

Permanent magnet motors, Electrical engineering, Electric motors, Synchronous, Sliding mode control, Automatic control, PMSM, SMC, LADRC


Permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) is a popular electric machine in industry for its small volume, high electromagnetic torque, high reliability and low cost. It is broadly used in automobiles and aircrafts. However, PMSM has its inherent problems of nonlinearity and coupling, which are challenges for control systems design. In addition, the external disturbances such as load variation and noises could degrade the systems performance. Both sliding mode control (SMC) and active disturbance rejection control (ADRC) are robust against disturbances. They can also compensate the nonlinearity and couplings of the PMSM. Therefore, in this thesis, we apply both SMC and ADRC to a PMSM speed system. Our control goal is to drive the speed outputs of the PMSM speed system to reference signals in the presences of nonlinearity, disturbance, and parameter variations. Simulation results verify the effectiveness of SMC and ADRC on the speed control for PMSM systems in spite of the presences of external disturbance and internal system uncertainties