Date of Award


Degree Type



Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Ebiana, Asuquo

Subject Headings

Solar water heaters, Renewable energy sources, Solar water heater, Renewable energy, Energy consumption


Non renewable energy sources have been diminishing in the recent times.Renewable energy is abundant in nature, but the use of it is very low.Lowering the energy consumption and using renewable energy, thereby decreasing the use of fossil fuels and nuclear energy would have a positive impact on our environment. The use of solar energy as an alternate resource is discussed in this research. The solar water heater is tested for its recovery rates, under normal solar radiation in static testing. The effect of solar radiation in increasing the temperature of water is studied and discussed. The solar water heater is then brought in series with an electric hot water tank, used in residential purposes. The energy consumption by the hot water tank is first calculated, by testing the recovery rates of the hot water tank. The hot water tank is then supplied with solar heated water and the recovery rates of the hot water tank are calculated. The energy consumption is calculated and the cost analysis is done in both the cases. The values of the energy consumed by the hot water tank with the use of electricity and solar heated water are compared. The DAQ system acts as an interface between the solar water heater and the hot water tank, which records and monitors the temperature data using thermocouples. The DC/AC adapter clamp and the multi meter, record the current usage by the hot water tank