Date of Award


Degree Type



Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Ebiana, Asuquo

Subject Headings

Air quality management, Air flow, Room air cleaners, Performance testing


HMI industries are the manufacture of the air cleaners and vacuum cleaners, in which a solution is adapted for the current model of the volute to the new design of the volute in order to calculate the "Clean Air Delivery rate" and qualify for the "Energy Star requirements". For the above model to be employed as a Energy Star certificate, a test rig was made in which "air velocity" and "flow rate" was calculated for the three different air cleaners in two cases i.e. (i) three different air cleaners with different filters and different rpm's (ii) three different air cleaners with the same filters and the same rpm's, in order to qualify for the Energy star requirements parameters like frequency, voltage and power output values also calculated. An important and primary objective of this study is the development of a volute of the air cleaner to characterize the major CADR value of the air cleaner. It is anticipated that the experience gained from this can be extrapolated to more complex systems like in the air purifiers with a view towards improving the optimization capability of the air cleaner analysis. It is also anticipated that the values of the flow rate and air velocity will improve the ability of the current model to satisfy for the Energy star and improve the energy conversion and the consuming power