Date of Award


Degree Type



Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Ebiana, Asuquo

Subject Headings

Shadowing (Differentiable dynamical systems), Rockets (Aeronautics) -- Nozzles, Combustion chambers, Stokes' theorem, Shadowing, Radiation view factor, Rocket nozzle -- cooling, Radiation heat transfer, Differential geometry, Configuration factor


A general symbolic exact analytic solution is developed for the radiation view factors including shadowing by the throat between a divergence thin gas disk between the combustion chamber and the beginning of the rocket nozzle radiating energy to the interior downstream of the nozzle contour for a class of coaxial axisymmetric converging diverging rocket nozzles. The radiation view factors presented in this thesis for the projection which are blocked or shadowed through the throat radiating downstream to the contour have never been presented before in the literature. It was found that the curvature of the function of the contour of the nozzle being either concave up or down and the slope of the first derivative being either positive or negative determined the values used for the transformation of the Stokes Theorem into terms of x, r (radius) and f(x) for the evaluation of the line integral. The analytical solutions from the view factors of, for example, the interior of a combustion chamber, or any radiating heat source to a disk may then be applied to the solution of the view factor of the disk to the interior of the rocket nozzle contour presented here. This modular building block type approach is what the author desires to allow the development of an interstellar matter antimatter rocket engine. The gases of this type of reaction shall approach those towards the speed of light, which shall involve a transport phenomena, which the author is looking forward to researching the solution