Date of Award


Degree Type



Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Frater, John

Subject Headings

Reverse engineering, Rapid prototyping, Metal castings, Reverse engineering, Rapid prototyping, Fused deposition modeling, RE


The automotive industry has an increasing need for the re manufacturing of spare parts through reverse engineering. In this thesis we will review the techniques used in Fused Deposition Modeling system for the reverse engineering of vintage automotive parts. The objective of the project is to be able to generate part-to-CAD and CAD-to-part reconstruction of the original part for future usage. These newly created 3D models will be added to the 3D Part Database. The integration of reverse engineering and rapid prototyping is being used for getting product to the market quickly by resolving a long-standing conflict between design and manufacturing. Rapid prototyping (RP) technology has undoubtedly had a major impact on the manufacturing industry throughout the world. RP technology has developed as a result of the requirements of manufacturing industry. There are a number of application areas where RP has been used to good effect and one of these is Metal Casting. This thesis describes work carried out to investigate potential applications for metal casting, as well as an attempt to explore the limits of the technology. It will go on to discuss how the technology may be developed to better serve the requirements of the manufacturing industry