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Geither, Michael

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Women in literature, Sex role in literature, Homosexuality -- Drama, Parent and child -- Drama, Interpersonal relations -- Drama, Play, Playwriting, Drama, Theatre, Gender, Sexuality, Loss, Parent/child relationships, Friendships


DEE struggles to uphold her political ideals in the face of her very proper mother, THERESA, and her long-time, over-achieving friend, LEENA. She makes stands that shock and antagonize both women, including becoming a case worker for bad neighborhoods, and having lesbian romantic relationships rather than heterosexual ones. Her friend GABRIEL, a cynical gay man, is her one ally in these choices. When DEE falls in love with a man, however, these relationships are inverted, and GABRIEL feels betrayed by her cavalier attitude towards sexual orientation. GABRIEL stops speaking to DEE, and DEE and ALLEN get married. When ALLEN dies, DEE is left isolated, to explore the natures of friendship and loss