Date of Award


Degree Type



Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Gorla, Rama

Subject Headings

Nanofluids, Boundary value problems, Heat -- Convection, Heat -- Transmission, Harmonics (Electric waves), Surfaces, Nanofluid, Free Convection and Wavy Surface


The study of this paper is to introduce a boundary layer analysis for the fluid flow and heat transfer characteristics of an incompressible nanofluid along a vertical wavy surface in a nanofluid. The Resulting transformed governing equations are solved numerically by an implicit finite-difference scheme (Keller-Box method). The results are presented for the major parameters including the wave amplitude , buoyancy ratio parameter , Brownian motion parameter , Thermophoresis parameter and Lewis number. A systematic study on the effects of the various parameters of the local frication factor, surface heat transfer rate (Nusselt number) and mass transfer rate (Sherwood number) characteristics is carried out. The Obtained results are presented graphically