Date of Award


Degree Type



Civil and Environmental Engineering

First Advisor

Hung, Yung-Tse

Subject Headings

Water -- Purification -- Coagulation, Water -- Purification -- Color removal, Water -- Purification -- Filtration, dye, coagulation, two stage filtration, water, color removal


The water is widely used in process industries, but its use is not always made in a rational way. Due to the growing demand for water by the people and industries, it is necessary to consider the new problem of water supply. Water contamination by organic and inorganic compounds is of great public concern. The textile and sugar industry are the major producers of the wastewater with a varying parameters. Even though there are new technologies for color removal till this date coagulation is seen as the most economical alternative to all technologies present now. In this thesis we study the performance of this two stage filtration with a matrix of dyes and coagulants.Coagulation even though being one the first and most conventional treatments discovered a long time ago is still being used after so many years of research as it qualifies as the most economic primary treatment. Microfiltration is one of the new age technologies which is considered as one of the most efficient technologies at present. This thesis will be aiming at the results of these combined processes.The industrial effluents have a lot of foreign particles which may affect these processes in a positive or a negative way. In such a scenario studying the processes gives us an idea of the treatment behavior in real time.The thesis aims at also studying the effect on the performance of the two filtration processes in presence of sugar. The turbidity and transmittance reading are being taken to assess the performance and the color removal from the aqueous solution of these dyes with sugar