Date of Award


Degree Type



Civil and Environmental Engineering

First Advisor

Hung, Yung-Tse

Subject Headings

Sewage -- Purification -- Biological treatment, Dietary supplements, Organic wastes, Hazardous wastes -- Purification, Live liquid micro-organism, slim fast, carnation breakfast essentials, dietary supplement wastewater


Dietary supplements, pre-mixed meal like Slim Fast, are part of most people's lives. Since dietary supplements have a high order of complex sugars, low-fat milk, and all kinds of nutrients, they bring hazards to the environment if discharged to water bodies without any proper treatment. Therefore, wastewater from dietary supplement gains much more attention at the present time. Dietary supplement wastewater contains amounts of organic compounds which may be bio- friendly and non-toxic. Biological treatment shows its strong advantages in dealing with this kind of wastewater.In this research, four kinds of Live Liquid Micro-organisms (LLMO) were used as the sources of microorganism since they are effective, cheap, and famous products in the industrial field. Metabolic processes are the way microorganisms degrade organic compounds in water. Slim Fast and Carnation Breakfast Essentials were used as synthetic wastewater in the thesis study and can be treated effectively by biological treatment. Both of them are powder forms that are easy to store, and the content of them issuitable for metabolic processes of microorganisms.The calibration curves of these substrates have a R2 close to 1.0. All experiments were done in a 24-hour time frame, and the Shimadzu TOC Analyzer was used to determine the performance of LLMO.A comparison of total organic carbon removal efficiency among four different types of LLMO (E1, S1, G1, and N1) with two kinds of substrates was carried out in the study.Results showed that N1 had the best percentage of total organic carbon removed with Slim Fast.The research also revealed that the performance of LLMO was good for low strength synthetic dietary supplement wastewater