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Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

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Keys, LLyod

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Automobile industry and trade -- United States, U.S. Automobile Industry: Key Characteristics and Future Direction


Understanding the role of technology, in the automotive industry, is necessary for the development, implementation, service and disposal of such technology, from a complete integrated system life cycle approach, to assure long-term success. This dissertation provides a unique complete characterization of the system life (cycle) business major cost elements of the automotive industry the subsystems, cost elements, interplay and interdependencies that affect the total real life cycle cost and value the various stated product, organizational, and process initiatives intended to produce significant improvements in the American automobile industry, as compared to the Japanese. This dissertation adds a perspective, understanding, and new insights of the drivers of business/technology changes and challenges that are likely to occur over the next 5-10 years. Research was carried out by an extensive review of publications, technical journals, articles, government agency documents, industry publications, annual reports and company bulletins, data and announcements. Results were generated and compared with past industry leaders' efforts

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