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Jeffers, Jennifer

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Immigrants -- Ethnic identity, Bangladeshis -- Great Britain -- Social conditions, Immigrants -- Great Britain -- Social conditions


Immigrant identity and acculturation has been a topic of significant debate in the twentieth century. Coming to the host nation, and getting integrated into the mainstream culture is a process which holds different meanings for different immigrants. On the one hand they leave the security of the homeland for an insecure future, on the other hand, the non-acceptance and discrimination of the host nation makes their integration a difficult process. Above all, they too want to live in the comfort zone of their homeland identity thus making integration impossibility. Going home syndrome and a deep rooted love for the motherland Bangladesh is an integral part of Chanu's immigrant identity. He comes to Great Britain with the dreams of achieving considerable success, primarily as a civil servant, (tied to his colonial identity), and after that going back to Bangladesh. He is unable to fulfill this dream because of his own inadequacies, and hence accepts the job of a council clerk. Inability to get a promotion in his job makes him question the possible discrimination at work. The more he stays on in Britain the more certain he is of his return. His inability to adapt to the host culture, gradual marginalization and an inherent love for his homeland makes him take the ultimate step of going back. He redeems the promise he made to himself and in a way redeems himself