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Klinger, Rita

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Maslow, Abraham H (Abraham Harold), Music -- Performance -- Psychological aspects, Need (Psychology), School music -- Instruction and study, Music, Motivation, Participation, Retention, Maslow, Hierarchy of needs


Despite extensive research regarding student motivation in performing ensembles, little is known about student motivation in ensembles outside of the school environment. The literature regarding motivation in school ensembles shows motivation comes from five main categories: parents and family, peers, directors, environment, and the students themselves. This study asks basic questions regarding motivation of students in a large community performing ensemble, and compares them to responses from the same students regarding their school ensemble experiences. The responses to the questionnaire suggest that motivating factors in community ensembles fall into the same basic categories, but have slightly different nuances based on the environment. Looking through the context of Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs, this study adds to a growing body of research regarding student motivation, emphasizing the importance of parents, peers, and the director in student motivation and retention in ensembles both in and out of the school setting

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