Date of Award


Degree Type



Chemical and Biomedical Engineering

First Advisor

Lustig, Rolf

Subject Headings

Thermodynamics, Thermodynamic potentials -- Computer simulation, Equations of state, fundamental equations of state, thermodynamic property computation


In this work, a set of fifteen thermodynamic properties for thirty pure compounds has been estimated using fundamental equations of state (FEOS). A computer program was written which allows to input any two of four fundamental thermodynamic properties entropy, pressure, temperature and density to fix a state point and then use the FEOS to generate any other property at that given state. The program further applies the FEOS to trace thermodynamic processes like isochoric, isobaric, isenthalpic, isothermal and isentropic state changes to find the final state of the compound. The program subsequently displays the initial, final and intermediate state points in a 2-dimensional plot with any two of fifteen thermodynamic properties along any two axes