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Mitchell, Emily

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Families -- Juvenile fiction, Parent and child -- Juvenile fiction, Humorous stories


Written for a young adolescent audience, Eggs attempts to mimic author Jude Blume who uses humor and creative story-telling to help children and their parents confront and discuss serious issues. Eggs is a coming of age story that uses a family's pet iguana eggs to symbolize the transformation of the Baugh family--Dirk, the father, and his two children, Amanda and Adam--following the unexpected death of their mother. As the eggs continue to develop throughout the story, so do the relationships between the father and his new love, Paige as well as the daughter Amanda and her high school sweetheart, Troy. When the eggs finally hatch, the characters experience a rebirth of their family life. Not only a life without their mother, but one that opens up to the possibility of the father remarrying