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Poreh, Amir

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Dependency (Psychology) -- Evaluation, Personality Disorders -- Evaluation, Dependent Personality Disorder Assessment, Dimensional Assessment of Personality Disorders, Dpd, Dependent Personality Disorder, Personality Disorder Assessment, Laura Gluszik


the Present Study Was Designed to Assess the Reliability and Validity of the Dependent Personality Inventory-Revised (Dpi-R Poreh & Huber, 2007). One-Hundred and One Students at a Midwestern University Were Administered the Scale in Addition to the Dependent Personality Questionnaire (Dpq Hyler, 1994) and Interpersonal Dependence Inventory (Idi Hirschfeld, Klerman, Gouch, Barrett, Korchin, Chodoff, 1977). Following the Screening, 11 Students Who Scored the Highest on the Scale and 13 Students Who Scored in the Average Range Were Identified and Asked to Participate in the Second Phase of the Study. These Students Were Then Blindly Interviewed by the Co-Investigator Using the Structured Clinical Interview for Dsm-Iv-Axis Ii Personality Disorders (Scid-Ii First, Gibbon, Spitzer, Williams, Benjamin, 1997). Clinical Judgment Was Used to Identify Which Participants Met the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Revised 4th Edition (Dsm-Iv-Tr) Diagnosis for Dependent Personality. the Results Support the Internal Consistency, Construct Validity, and Predictive Validity of the Dpi-R as a Screening Measure for Dependent Personality Disorder in a Sample of College Students

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