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Poreh, Amir M.

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psychological tests psychology older adults intelligence tests gerontological geriatrics prelimminary study


The current study was designed as a preliminary analysis to design an alternative intelligence scale for older adults ages 65 plus. This study was predominantly administered to White participants with a females being the prominent gender (30 females, 14 males). 44 participants were administered the four subtests Analogies, Matrices, Geometric Shapes and Information. The Block Design and Vocabulary from the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale was administered to assess the validity of the current study. By creating a more tailored intelligence test for older adults, problems such as fatigue, administrator bias and physical limitations can be addressed. With the population of older adults increasing there is more of a demand for age specific intelligence tests. The results section of this study was able to identify items difficulty and eliminate items that did not provide adequate representation of that particular representation of that subtest

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Psychology Commons