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Rahman, Imad

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Municipal government -- Fiction, United States -- Politics and government -- Fiction


The date is sometime in the future. The United States is divided into two areas: the technologically advanced Municipality and the more Eco-true Physis Expanse. Living in the Municipality, Caroline prides herself on being the ideal Citizen. Never a rule-breaker, she proceeds through life happily obeying the Central Government's edicts. Her husband Brady works for a branch of the government called the Progress Promotion Board. In a time when former lobby groups are given full status in the government, Brady is secretly forced to stay loyal to his Career at the possible expense of their unborn child. Caroline befriends Abby, a Natural from the Expanse, which puts her family at under the government's watchful eye. There is more to Abby's purpose than Caroline knows. Everyone is forced to keep secrets that affect each other. In a world where government control and technology are united, each person must make choices within the realm of their limited options. This thesis represents the beginnings of a future novel