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Rahman, Imad

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Short stories, English


The suicide pelican lives in Costa Rica. You may not believe me, but I've seen it with my own eyes. Blindness is common for these birds, mostly caused by their form of fishing: dive-bombing into the water at full speed and spearing fish with their beaks. This head-first diving damages the eyes over the years. Once blind, some of the pelicans intentionally crash into rocks to avoid an unbearable, unnatural existence. These birds and their surprisingly beautiful, graceful suicide plunges influenced this collection of short stories aptly titled Suicide Pelicans. Though my collection is mostly about women and not actual pelicans, I hope you will make some connections between the two. The three stories present in this collection are works in progress, unfinished pieces that I need to carry around in my head longer before they culminate into complete final products. However imperfect as this collection is, it serves as the representation of my work for Cleveland State's Master of English program Suicide Pelicans aims to present my development and maturation as a writer, my potential, and the possibility of promise for my future