Date of Award


Degree Type



Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Rashidi, Majid

Subject Headings

Roller bearings, Strains and stresses, Rolling contact, Finite element method, Double-ended hollow roller, cavity depth, FEA analysis of novel design


This work presents a finite element stress analysis of a novel design of cylindrical roller. The focus of this study is to create a uniform contact-stress distribution along the length of the roller and to recommend a roller bearing design which is easier to fabricate. The new design relies on creating symmetric cylindrical cavities at both ends of a roller. The cavity is concentric with the main body of the roller. The new roller design reduces overall mass of the typical assembly with helps to improve bearing life and its overall performance. The FEA results published herein shows that new roller design eliminates a roller edge stresses which is conventionally achieved by the crowning of the roller ends. This work shows that the maximum contact stress of typical unmodified end is reduced from 1380 M pa to 1220 M pa for a typical end modified of 3 mm deep and 12.50 diameters (Table V). Also, the new roller design allows an overall mass reduction of the roller by 12 (Table V)