Date of Award


Degree Type



Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Richter, Hanz

Subject Headings

Sliding mode control, Airplanes -- Motors, multivariable sliding mode control, aircraft engine control


Many control theories are used in controlling aircraft engines. However, the multivariablesliding mode control is not yet established in this application even though ithas a lot of potential in dealing with complex and nonlinear systems such as aircraftengines. Therefore, a guideline in developing multivariable sliding mode control law for an aircraft engine is presented in this thesis. The problem of chattering in thesliding mode control is suppressed by the use of the boundary layer method. The controllogic is tested by implementing NASA's Commercial Modular Aero-PropulsionSystem Simulation 40k (C-MAPSS40k). Simulation results are analyzed and comparedto the results obtained from the baseline controller. The robust property of multivariable sliding mode control is also examined by altering the flight condition ofthe engine