Date of Award


Degree Type



Chemical and Biomedical Engineering

First Advisor

Sakaie, Ken

Subject Headings

Brain -- Magnetic resonance imaging, Diffusion magnetic resonance imaging, Brain stimulation, MRI, deep brain stimulation, diffusion, statistical correction, tractography, internal capsule, subcortical


Understanding anatomical connectivity is crucial for improving outcomes of deep brain stimulation surgery. Tractography is a promising method for noninvasively investigating anatomical connectivity, but connections between subcortical regions have not been closely examined by this method. As many connections to subcortical regions converge at the internal capsule (IC), we investigate the connectivity through the IC to three subcortical nuclei (caudate, lentiform nucleus, and thalamus) in 6 macaques. We show that a statistical correction for a known distance-related artifact in tractography results in large changes in connectivity patterns. Our results suggest that care should be taken in using tractography to assess anatomical connectivity between subcortical structures